theater artist and educator




I perform in works of a wide array of styles and aesthetics—from acrobatic dance theater to original plays to theater for young audiences, to Shakespeare, to social clowning for survivors of man-made and natural disasters. 

Read about some of my recent acting and performance work below.



Convergences Theatre Collective's BABEL revisits the familiar biblical tale through collaboratively-devised, acrobatic dance theater.  Directed by WT McRae and Jeremy Williams.  Photos by Lloyd Mulvey.


The People

Susan Glaspell's 1917 play about a leftist newspaper, "The People," struggling to keep afloat amidst political and economic turmoil.  Directed by Aimee Todoroff and produced by American Bard Theater Company as part of "Visionary Voices." 

The People.jpg

The Last Coin

Spellbound Theatre presents an inspiring story about bravery, compassion, and what it takes to lead the kingdom.  A work of theater for children ages 3-7.  Performances at The Old Stone House (Brooklyn) and a variety of schools and libraries in the boroughs of NYC. Written by Andrew Anzel and directed by Haven Mitchell-Rose and Andrew Anzel.


What happens when we go to sleep?  Spellbound Theatre's Wink is an imaginative and multi-disciplinary performance that explores dreams from the perspective of a young child and her bear.  Blending shadow puppetry, physical theatre, and animation, this unique show is a captivating journey designed to engage and inspire the very youngest audience members.  Inspired by the classic poem, "Wynken, Blynken and Nod," Wink transforms a familiar bedroom into an imaginative world full of surprises. I had the pleasure of playing The Moon in Wink’s national touring premiere at Miami Theater Center. Created by Artistic Director Lauren Jost and Margot Fitzsimmons.

Twelfth Night

A gender-bendy quick-changey, madcap, outdoor, four-actor adaptation of Shakespeare’s beloved classic, created by Bass Harbor Maine’s Barn Arts Collective and directed by Andrew Simon. I had the great good fortune of playing Viola, Sebastian, AND Maria, while singing and speaking in both English and Spanish! Read a feature article about the show here and our rave review right here!

Martin Denton, Martin Denton

The story of Martin Denton and Rochelle Denton, inimitable champions of New York's independent theater artists over the span of several decades.  I played Rochelle Denton and a variety of other characters in this comprehensive history of NYC’s downtown theater scene of the 1990s and early naughts. Written by and co-starring Chris Harcum.  Directed by Aimee Todoroff.  Produced by Elephant Run District. Martin Denton, Martin Denton premiered at the Kraine Theatre in NYC.

Clowns Without Borders

Clowns Without Borders works with survivors of man-made and natural disasters to build individual and community resilience through laughter. My clown, Princess Mildred, has performed for children, youth workers, and parents at detention centers and shelters across San Antonio, Texas.