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I believe in the power of art, play and storytelling to build bridges, enhance empathy, heal wounds, transform conflict, shape collective action, and inspire innovation. IWhat could be better than sparking the collective imagination of a group to create something brand new? Read about some of my favorite group facilitation experiences below.

Latinx Northwest

Ceramic artistic George Rodriguez and I co-facilitated visual art and performance-based activities to spark creative thinking and build community among Latinx artists engaged in a jointly-funded feasibility study towards the creation of a new Latinx arts hub in the Seattle area.

Latinx Northwest is an effort to establish a home for Latinx visual and performing arts in Seattle. Participants lent their creative minds, poetic bodies, imaginations and intellect to the collective visioning of a vibrant new center for Latinx artmaking, collaboration, teaching, learning, mentorship, performance and presentation.

The Latinx Northwest project is a joint effort of La Sala, Latino Community Fund and Seattle Amistad School.

The New Victory Theater

As a member of the New Victory Theater’s Teaching Artist Ensemble, I co-lead professional development training for Pre-K teachers seeking to incorporate theater activities into their curricula, as well as for teachers in K-12 partner schools. Activities include storytelling, puppetry, clowning, role play, arts integration, and community building through creativity and play.

Additionally, I frequently engage New Victory Theater patron families in pre-show activities at the theater, post-show discussions, and marketing and outreach events throughout the city.

Seeds of Peace

As part of the Seeds of Peace Educators program, I trained and collaborated for two weeks with educators, artists and facilitators from the USA, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Cyprus, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel to share knowledge and create a music-and-theater performance for the local community.