theater artist and educator
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Often, when creating a work of theater, I play many roles simultaneously, including "Director," "Performer," "Writer," "Dramaturg," "Designer," "Producer," and more.  That's why I call myself a "theater maker" or a "creator of new works," which encompass all of the above. 

These are a few projects that I have created from stardust, inspiration, hard work and collaboration. 

Here at Home

Princess Mildred arrives at her home warming party disappointed to find that the place her Princey has chosen to settle down is not exactly the perfectly pink castle she was anticipating.  She employs her romantic imagination to transform the lifeless home into a sumptuous palace.  But when the Prince turns out to be more lemon than knight, our Princess embarks on a profound exploration of one of our most fundamental desires--a place to call home.   


Here at Home premiered in a storefront art gallery on a busy street in Philadelphia as part of the 2015 Philadelphia Fringe Festival and has since toured to Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, Phillips Academy at Andover, the New York Clown Theater Festival at The Brick, and Feast Arts Center in Tacoma, WA.


Click on the link below to read a review from the show's 2015 premiere in Philadelphia. 

Click on the link below to read an article about the show’s 2016 presentation at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. 

The Seven Ravens Project

The Seven Ravens Project is a theatrical adaptation of the Brothers Grimm tale, "The Seven Ravens"--a story of a young girl's epic quest to reunite with her long-lost brothers and reverse a curse.  Her journey takes her past the edge of the world and through the cosmos, where she encounters the sun, the moon, and the stars.  The Seven Ravens Project mashes up this fantastical Grimms' tale with the true, heroic, tragic and triumphant stories of contemporary child migrants and refugees across the world.  Featuring a diverse, international, multilingual cast of women physical performers, and incorporating song, movement, puppetry and projections, The Seven Ravens Project sheds light on one of today's most pressing sociopolitical issues through the lenses of allegory, fantasy and play.  

Hello, Neighbor!

Normal families are all alike.  But every crazy family is crazy in its own way.  Actor-creators Tara Demmy, Alex Orthwein, Kaitlin Kaufman and I explored the world of one bouffon family at home in an immersive playscape in Hudson, NY.  Click on the link below for more on the bouffon form, as illuminated by teacher and scholar, Giovanni Fusetti.